Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Who is eligible for applying to this Programme?

A1. Due to the fact that the expenses of the first pilot programme are mostly covered by the Tempus Project, the candidates applying for admission to this study programme must originate from the Western Balkan countries, which will be extended in the future cohorts.

Q2. What is the language of this PhD Programme?

A2. The language of this study programme shall be English. The programme will be realised with joint lecturers (one professor from EU and one professor from Western Balkan on each course/seminar) and external lecturers - experts from the business community.


Q3. Do I need some kind of Recognition (Nostrification) of the previous level earned Diploma?

A3. Process of enrollment must be with nostrified diploma by Macedonian Ministry of education


Q4. What is the main aim of the interview with the candidates?

A4. The interview in English will evaluate the candidates' knowledge, attitudes and motivation to undertake scientific research in the fields of entrepreneurship and management, as well as their proficiency in the English language.


Q5. Is the Programme Full-time or Part –time?

A5. The Programme is a full-time with an intensive schedule, and a very flexible approach.


Q6. Is there any possibility of e –studying?

A6. The programme is on regular basis teaching classes and activities with distance learning parts. Since this is a doctoral programme, many seminars and other contemporary forms of academic teaching, including distance learning, shall be included. There is no possibility for completely on-line Programme.


Q7. Is it true that one week students’ mobility at EU Universities is covered by the Project?

A7. Yes

Q8. Is it true that the main part of the travel and accommodation costs for staying in Prilep the students are covered by the Project?

A8. Yes

Q9. What is the way of payment?

A9. There is a no tuition fee for the courses throughout the Tempus Project DOCSMES


Q10. Where I can find the Book of Rules?

A10.The Book of Rules for the third level (doctoral) of studies at UKLO will be completely translated and very soon published on the web site.

Q11.Who issues the diploma?

A11.Diploma will be issued by the University 'St. Kliment Ohridski' – Bitola. During the project timeframe the process of gaining joint diploma with Bologna University will be undertaken.