Dissemination of the administrative staff experience

September 12, 2012

at the premises of UKLO, Bitola

The Workshop was designed with the idea of disseminating the experience that selected administrative and academic staff from UKLO and SEEU gained through the DOCSMES Project, more precisely in the course of their study visits to the Partner Universities – the University in Nice, Sophia Antipolis and the University in Bologna.

The Workshop Agenda (attached) involved the presentations made by four participants -Ms Kaliopa Stilinovic, Head of the central department in charge of teaching, science and international relations at UKLO, Ms Emilija Mateska, Head of the administrative unit from the Faculty of Economics in Prilep, Mr. Hasan Jashari, PhD, associate professor and Mr. Jeton Mazllami, PhD assistant professor – both from SEEU. The event was combined with the personal experience presented by a doctoral student from UNICE, Mr. Jovan Zafirovski.

For that purpose, administrative staff from UKLO central unit and from each of its constituent units were invited to take part in the Workshop (list of participants attached) and to participate in the exchange of ideas related to the administrative procedure as regards doctoral studies.

The model of administrative organization and support for PhD candidates at UNICE was in detail presented by Ms Kaliopa Stilinovic, in the light of the general picture of Doctoral Schools in France and in the light of the legislature regulating the matter. Of course, as PhD studies and research are tightly related, the presentation paid attention to this segment as well, and the way it is reflected in the overall functioning of the University. The presentation was mainly focused on the Doctoral School DESPEG (Economy, Law, Management) and showed practically what is the actual procedure of applying for the doctoral thesis, on-line, all the way through the very last segments of administrative monitoring – the defense, by keeping a common database of all applicants.

Further on, Ms Emilija Mateska presented a comparative analysis of doctoral studies, the way they are organized and administered in France and in the Republic of Macedonia, pointing out both the similarities and differences that these two systems have in common.

The presentations that followed in the second part of the Workshop represent an actual getting to know the way the doctoral studies are organized at UNIBO and emphasized the role that each step of the administrative procedure plays in the overall system, with focus on the importance of every staff member involved.

Finally, the personal experience of a PhD study, again related to UNICE, confirmed the attitude that a well organized, although maybe at certain moments massive administration accompanying the process that lead to obtaining a PhD degree, is the key to successful accomplishment attainment.

The discussion that was meant as a wrap-up point in the workshop evaluated the Workshop as a very useful for the administrative staff from the UKLO units as well as for those on central level, as beside the general guidance that is provided in the Rulebook on Doctoral Studies, it is always a good idea to be given an opportunity for direct exchange of thoughts.

UKLO Rectorate

September 12, 2012