Dissemination of the Partial Project and PhD Program Results

October 1st, 2012

at the premises of DARDANIA University, Prishtina



The workshop was designed with the idea of disseminating the Partial Project and the PhD Program Results.

The workshop was realized according to the Agenda of the workshop (see attached) where the following topics were elaborated and presented: Development of the PhD Program; Curriculum development; Course Development; Teaching methods dissemination; QA Standards for Doctoral Program; PhD Program structure 1st semester experience; Administrative staff experience dissemination; Business sector involvement in the program development and implementation; Presentation of the experience from the PhD student’s point of view..


The workshop started at 9:30 with the registration of the participant, and continued further on with the addressing by Dardania University, Project Coordinator and Regional Project Coordinator.


The development of the PhD Program; Curriculum development and Course development ware in detail presented by Prof.Dr. Massimo Bianchi. Prof Bianchi at the beginning of his presentation gave a look on the work plan and an outlook on the second phase of the project to continue further on with activities in detail regarding intra-country general meetings; starting the second semester courses; mobility of students; creation of quality control standards; quality control implementation; monitoring the quality procedures implementation; establishment of the Communication Body and supporting the research activities by business.

Prof. Bianchi also focused on PhD organizational map and into the obstacles and shortcomings of the Intermediate Report.

EACEA Advices and the financial times were also in detail elaborated by Prof. Bianchi.


Teaching methods dissemination were in detail elaborated and presented by Elona Pojani from the University of Tirana.

Further on, according to the agenda, Prof.Dr. Joaquim Verges focused on Quality Assurance between first and second stage, where he gave a survey after the first phase is finished.

Dissertation stage: Assuring quality and Excellence in Doctoral Research Proposal-Assuring quality at the beginning were also elaborated and discussed by Prof. Verges into this workshop.


PhD Program Structure- 1st semester experience was further on elaborated and presented by Prof. Marika Baseska.

Prof. Baseska also gave a very detailed presentation on the experience from the implementation of the Doctoral Program in Entrepreneurship and SME management, focusing on pre-enrollment activities and the activities that followed that phase of the project; first class ceremony; introductory lectures; the first semester classes; teaching methods; videoconference lecture; internship winery; E-learning opportunities; Quality Assurance Process.


Dissemination of the administrative staff experience was in detail presented by Jeton Mazllami, who did a wrap-up of the visit done at the University of Bologna regarding the administrative issues of the PhD Program.


Business sector involvement in the program development and implementation was elaborated by Eleonora Bozinovska (APPRM), Svetlana Boshkovska (CCM) and Vesna Ivanoska (SEAVUS). They pointed out the involvement of business sector representatives during the phase of development the Curriculum of the PhD Programme and in the process of its implementation, as well.


At the end of the workshop there was a presentation done by Lura Rexhepi regarding the experience from the PhD student’s point of view. She gave a very positive opiniot regarding the whole first semester activities (lectures, videoconferencing, internship).


The discussion that was meant as a wrap-up point in the workshop evaluated the Workshop as a very successful and useful one for the dissemination of the partial project and PhD program results. Once again, the importance of the cooperation between business community and universities was stressed. The role of non-university partners as a bridge was emphasized, and it was pointed out that the next project activity will be establishment of the Communication Body that will enable the previous mentioned cooperation and help PhD students in conducting of their research.


Festime Mehdiu

DARDANIA University

October 1, 2012