Project Coordinator: Prof. Massimo Bianchi Reporting Period: May, 2012
Project Activity No. 19: Teaching methods and distance learning mode dissemination


held at SEEU premises in Tetovo on May 25th, 2012




The WORKSHOP on Teaching Methods and E – learning Mode Dissemination of the DOCSMES Project took place on May 25th, 2015 at Rector’s Office of the South Eastern European University, Tetovo. All preparatory activities for these events were managed by the UKLO Local Coordinator Prof. Marika Baseska-Gjorgjieska and successfully accomplished by Jeton Mazliami, SEEU project administrator.


The present participants to this workshop were from WB Universities. University of Bologna was involved in the workshop through video - conference.
The List of the participants is attached to this Minutes. (Annex 1).

All Project partners came with prepared presentations in order to make interaction easier in a limited duration, according to a pre-agreed Agenda (Annex 2).

Main aim of the workshop
The main aim of this workshop was the dissemination of some interactive teaching methods and distance learning mode.
According to the project proposal, the main aim of this workshop was professors who have achieved study visits to EU Universities should disseminate their experience regarding teaching methods and distance learning mode. It was supposed that WB professors after mobility and visiting EU Universities have some experience to share with their colleagues.


Main outcomes of discussion and group decision

  • The workshop started with the Welcome speech by Professor Hasan Jashari - President of the PhD studies at SEEU (Annex 3), and with Outlining the purpose of the workshop done by Prof. Marika Baseska-Gjorgjieska. Also, professor Massimo Bianchi, Project coordinator addressed the audience through video –conference.


After the short intro, professor Massimo Bianchi, Project coordinator , presented the Report on the state of art of the Tempus Projects DOCSMES and PhD Programme , accordingly.
He emphasized the activities regarding the First semester organization and accomplishment. He confirmed that the First semester classes are finished according to the schedule, and only the period of exams should be provided. Also, he stressed the importance of the QA process in the PhD Programme that is continually taken into consideration. One of the tools of the QA, the student survey was conducted after each course module.

  • The second part of the workshop was aimed to the presentations of several professors on Interactive teaching methods topic.
  • Professor Hasan Jashari, PhD(SEEU) had a presentation on New Teaching Methods in Higher Education with an example of the Investigation as an interactive teaching techniques.
  • Ilir Kapaj, PhD and Donika Kerchini, PhD (AUT), prepared the presentation on Teaching Methods for DOCTORAL PROGRAMME IN ENTREPRENEURSHIP AND SME MANAGEMENT, which was presented by Ana Mane, PhD(AUT). The emphasises was done on the Lecture with Discussions Combined with Class Discussions
  • Nasir Selimi, PhD (SEEU) presented his point of view to the interactive teaching methods stressing the importance of making the difference between implemented methods on bachelor, master and doctoral level.
  • Marika Baseska, PhD ( UKLO) presented the Case study as a teaching method stressing the two approaches: Implementation of already existing case studies in teaching and Creation of case studies through teaching.
  • Gjorgi Manceski, PhD ( UKLO) had a presentation on Interactive teaching techniques with the emphasizes on Quizdom – Electronic Interactive System as very interactive useful teaching techniques.
  • Elona Pojani, (UT) had a disscussion on teaching methods implemented at her University.


During the presentations and after them there were discussions among participants regarding different topics.

  • The third part of the workshop was done through videoconferencing.

The connection with the Simulimpresa Laboratory of Forlì was realized for the presentation of Laura Tampieri, PhD (UNIBO) Virtual Reality: The technological frontier in teaching methods - the experience of Bologna University – Forlì. This one hour presentation was listened with the great interest by the workshop participants. The participants were deeply introduced in this interactive way of teaching that is developed at Faculty of Economics –Forly. Prof. Bianchi also gave some additional remarks to the topic.
This connection was used also for clarifying some dilemmas between partners and between PMB members, as well.

  • At the end of the workshop mr Dejan Zdraveski (UKLO) presented the topic regarding the Using of Moodle as an e-learning platform. He presented the case of the PhD Programme in Entrepreneurship and SMEs Management (DOCSMES). Participants showed a great interest in this topic and they express the need of some additional training.

(All presentations are in Anex 4)

At the end, prof. Baseska gave the final words assessing the workshop very fruitful and useful emphasizing the necessity of further dissemination workshops.

Annex 2:


on Teaching Methods and E – learning Mode Dissemination
at the premises of the Rectorate of SEEU

Friday, 25 May, 2012




10:30 – 10:45

Welcome & Intro
Outlining the purpose of the workshop

Hasan Jashari - PhD studies President at SEEU
Marika Baseska


10.45 – 11.30


Report on the state of art: in the theory and in the practice ( This last subject concerning Tempus Projects and DOCSMES )

Prof. Massimo Bianchi


11:30 – 14:30



The working part 1


11:30 – 13:00

Interactive teaching methods

  • presentations

Hasan Jashari
Marika Baseska
Gjorgi Manceski
Ilir Kapaj
Elona Pojani

13:00 – 13:30

Coffey break 

13:30 – 14:30

  • Discussion


All participants (academic staff from WB universities)



14.30 – 16:00


Lunch break

16.00 – 17:30

The working part 2


16.00 – 17.30

Connections with the Simulimpresa Laboratory of Forlì for the presentation of L.Tampieri Essai on Virtual Reality

Prof. M.Bianchi / Dr.ssa G.Paganelli-L.Tampieri

17:30 -18:30

Using Moodle as an e-learning platform

Dejan Zdraveski